10 years out of work

How did that happen? How did 10 years pass without me stepping foot into an office? Is the fact that I’ve spent the last 10 years raising two kids and moving house no less than seven times in a quest to renovate three different houses enough of an excuse to not have done any paid employment? Or, is it enough that I wrote the marketing plan for my husband’s new venture (a rucksack designed for the cycling commuter that is now selling slowly but surely online – http://www.slicks.com, in case you’re interested) and secured the best piece of PR coverage based on my nervous phone call to one of the writers at the London Evening Standard? But paid employment? No, None.

So, finally the kids are both at school and I have a little time to think. I want to work but only part-time. I still want to be able to see my children in their various performances at school (nothing thrills me more than seeing the top of my son’s head at the back of the choir, not knowing whether he is actually bothering to join in whilst little Johnny in front of him is not only singing his heart out but also displaying some real professional jazz hands). I’d really miss not seeing my daughter in her weekly hockey matches looking more like the coach than a member of the team as she manages to run from one end of the pitch to the other without making any contact with the ball. So, I know that any work I do will need to be flexible as well as part-time. Is this too much to ask?

Well, it shouldn’t be. Currently 97% of businesses in the UK are defined as SMEs, employing x number of employees or less. Surely not all of them need a team of full-time marketing professionals (which I can still justifiably call myself – I do have a post-graduate marketing qualification) and surely a large percentage of businesses nearby could do with marketing help on a smaller, part-time basis. It sounds like the perfect opportunity for me. The only problem is how to meet the local businesses?

This is where Mumbu comes in. Mumbu is a new online recruitment website that introduces local people to local businesses without the need of a recruiter. It focuses on small businesses and understands that the most important element of the recruitment process is to employ someone who fits in with the rest of the team. It focuses on the individual rather than the CV. Of course it’s important what experience you have, but if you’re not going to fit into the culture of the business, then all the experience in the world is not going to make a successful placement. Mumbu facilitates this process and acts as a filter on personality as well as skills. Businesses who like the ‘look’ of a person ask to connect and if you choose to accept, the introduction is made.

So, I filled in all my details on Mumbu and didn’t have long to wait before a company wanted to connect to me. Ironically it was the owners of Mumbu. They wanted a little extra help with their marketing and, after a couple of phone calls, asked me to come and present my ideas to them. I now have my feet firmly under the Mumbu desk and am loving putting my previous experience to good use. My business confidence, which had disappeared many years ago under a pile of nappies, is now back – except when it comes to social media, which was hardly even invented when I was working last! So, it’s a ‘win win’ situation. Great for them and great for me….. and I still manage to get to school concerts and see the top of my gorgeous little boy’s head!



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