Looking for work in all the wrong places


I was looking for a new job on and off for about 6 months, searching through job boards and going through recruitment agencies. We’ve all been there; the process of searching for jobs is (was) hard work and often sole destroying, not to mention writing a CV that will stand out and really sell you.

Getting 2/3 calls a day about jobs that you aren’t right for or are in completely the wrong location just starts to get laborious. You might find out about a job that really interested you and then never heard anything about it again.

There is always an element of not feeling in control of the situation or in charge of your own destiny.

Then I found Mumbu, it was a refreshing change, from adding my profile to the website and really being able to show a bit about myself and my personality. What motivated me, what I was reading, my favourite quote, song and my claim to fame. Not a CV in sight. Of course they still hold the important details too like qualifications, but you could also state when you were available to work on a daily basis. The whole process was just more flexible. The beauty too was that I didn’t have the prospect of transferring my CV over to company websites over and over again and writing different covering letters. So I filled in my profile, published and had a look at what companies were on offer.

Within no time I was connected to a company and we had had a low key conversation about what they were really looking for rather than a job spec, to see if this was something I would be interested in.

I arranged to meet with the MD and his assistant to talk further and I guess the rest is history. I am really enjoying working in a job where no 2 days are the same and I never quite sure what I will be doing next.

Rebecca Howard

Marketing Specialist at The Client Voice


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