Proactive recruitment will future proof your business

If you’ve read my earlier piece on ‘hidden stars’ then you’ll know by now that I’m well-aware of the challenges faced by small businesses – because I’ve experienced (and continue to experience) them myself.

Owning and running a business is a perpetual balancing act that requires hard work, an ability to deliver and an ability to plan.

All successful businesses work hard – they probably wouldn’t be in business if they didn’t. Likewise, the longevity of a business correlates with its ability to deliver. Planning, however, can often be the chink in a business’s armour, with the biggest chink being recruitment.

How many times have you, as a business owner or manager, suddenly realised that you need additional resource – and fast? It’s probably fair to say that by that point, it’s already too late and you’re already in the eye of the storm. Of course the alternative, whereby you recruit someone before you need them, sounds sensible but it’s unworkable in reality and certainly more expensive.

So how do you achieve the middle ground? What if you could assemble your company’s very own fantasy league of dream team employees long before the storm hit – all for £20 per month? Let’s not forget that traditional recruitment is an expensive business both in terms of the time required to carry out the process and the associated fees. And that’s just to find one person. With MUMBU, the only limit to the number of potential candidates you have access to is the number of candidates signed up.

Fees based on percentage of someone’s salary are high – even on an entry-level salary. And then time spent reading CVs, filtering and interviewing is hugely draining on the precious time you could be using to add value to your customers.

MUMBU facilitates proactive recruitment. It enables businesses to build a team of skilled mums in the background so that when the time comes and workflow increases, recruitment becomes something that a business controls rather than frantically reacts to.

Using MUMBU to make high-value (and low cost) connections in advance of peaks in business activity is a new approach to recruitment. Hey, we’ve even designed it to make recruitment a pleasant experience as opposed to the chore that it’s often perceived to be.

Stripping back the formality and process-driven nature of recruitment, our platform allows businesses to create a relationship with talented, like-minded mums well in advance. Once a connection has been made you can even arrange to meet for a coffee to get a better feel for a person (although as you will see when using MUMBU, the platform allows users to get a feel for someone prior to meeting them).

Essentially, MUMBU enables businesses and charities to hold the cards rather than letting other organisations (maybe even those that put their interests before yours) hold them. We want to show users that with MUMBU, there is another way. And, importantly, one that they control.

Proactive recruitment isn’t just a throwaway term but a concept that has the ability to add real value to businesses and remove the element of unpredictability that can loom over the hiring process. Click here to find out for yourself.

By Nick Garnett, Founder,  MUMBU

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