What do mums have to offer businesses?

Rather than make you read the entire article before getting to the answer (well, my view at least) I’ll say it within the first two lines. The answer is plain and simple: skills and experience.

Prior to becoming mums women build successful careers, hold senior roles and achieve the highest accolades in business. The only difference is that more often than not it’s women who take career breaks to focus on their number one priority – their children. However their skills, knowledge and talent do not disappear.

If you’ve read our other blogs then you’ll be familiar with the concept of MUMBU’s hidden stars – highly skilled and talented people, often on businesses’ doorsteps, who don’t necessarily want to work full time but who still want to apply their skills where they can.  Mums fit perfectly into that profile.

In 1996, 67% of married or cohabiting mothers with dependent children were in work. By 2013 this had increased to 72% and forecasts suggest that this is only going to continue to increase.

The problem for businesses however, is that finding mums looking for new work opportunities is practically impossible, yet arguably they have the most to offer in terms of both skills and experience. It’s also a challenge for mums to find work opportunities that fits in with family life.  And this is where MUMBU can help.

MUMBU is a new online platform that is exclusively designed for mums and provides a route to quickly tap directly into the UK’s workforce. It’s free and enables mums to match their skills with businesses looking for those particular skillsets. It also places both the individuals and the business in joint control of the recruitment process, negating the need for a recruitment consultant. And, as it’s private, it means that the users’ identities aren’t revealed until both parties accept a connection.

MUMBU is unique and simple and can help you connect with businesses by enabling you to showcase you as a person, and not you as a CV.

Help us change how mums and businesses connect. Sign up at www.mumbu.com and establish a work-life balance that suits you.

Nick Garnett – Founder, MUMBU

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